Mystery of the melting mummies


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Climate change or no, shouldn’t these sort of remains be housed in completely controlled environments? There are plenty of rare book rooms in the world that have precise humidity controls, but not important human remains?


Finally their ghosts can be free to roam the earth, devouring the souls of the living.


That necromancer is so fired.


Famous mummies - there’s your problem right there. The human body was not designed to last forever. With careful preservation it can last a long time, but even that is quite unnatural. Like the caves at Lascaux, very very old things fare poorly when exposed to the public.

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just get a bunch of those Silica Gel packets.


Yea, clearly this is an indication that museums around the world should start checking visitors for any effects that may interfere with the delicate Soul-Binding Curses that serve as preservation. Now that the secret’s out, it’s only a matter of time before someone tries the trick at Lenin’s Tomb.


That’s why Larry King doesn’t do nude beaches anymore.


How hard or expensive could it be to enclose them in moisture-proof glass cases?

You can get them babies down at Costco for like $49.95 a dozen!

SRSLY, not just “moisture-proof” - the case has to be able to maintain a constant temperature and humidity level. That’s not cheap.

Aren’t humidor boxes for cigars a sort of similar technology?

Constant temperature is pretty easy. Constant humidity, less so - but you can do it with a certain concentration in certain salts in water; I think this trick is used for calibration of humidity probes.

If we don’t need constant humidity but as low humidity as reasonably achievable, it gets way way easier; desiccators are a mainstay of chem labs everywhere.

That would solve the gummy-melting problem, and introduce the “turned-to-dust” problem.

There must needs be some moisture. Just not much.

And they keep the cigars in the same state for decades? I am impressed.

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