Mythbusters: Behind The Myths live on stage


My son and I were the ones called up to the stage and asked to interleave the phonebooks together. Was a bit nerve-racking when we realized our work would be used to hoist Adam above the stage. He wasn’t injured, so I suppose we did ok.

Best part: my son worships these guys. He got to talk (briefly) with Adam and Jamie, took part in two bits on the show, and was rewarded with a hat and an autographed picture. Couldn’t have been a better night for my boy.


I got to see this in Pittsburgh last year during the first run of the tour (and ran across the awesome Fraley’s Robot Repair shop art installation on the walk from the parking garage to the theater.) It was a great show, full of great facts and audience participation and Q&A and awesome stories (Adam: I’ve only ever broken one bone. Audience starts to applaud… Adam: “You may clap now, but that bone was my seventh vertebrae. Yeah, I broke my neck.”)

The only part I was disappointed in was the finale where they “launched” Buster into the air. After the stunt with the crossbow earlier in the show, where they promised it was the only time they were going to lie to us, the trick with Buster and the barrel of explosives felt like a real let-down.

The finale, this time around, was much different than that. And very impressive.

Grrr, yet another tour that skips Colorado. I’d bet they’d fill whatever venue they chose :frowning:

Good to know. If it swings near SF again I might get out to see it.

The link to the tour is currently just pointing to

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