NAACP and other civil rights groups warn against visiting Florida

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The fact that they felt the need to do this is seriously fucked up. Shit is seriously fucked up down there.


when you vote, remember that these are the peace and freedom loving people.


and yet people keep moving to FL in droves Why?? I know low/no taxes but they get you with insurance costs which are very high And the heat its getting worse The drinking water is horrible And what is there to do in FL? I know the beach and amusement crap other than that its strip malls with a Publix chain eatery and the boutique doctor
And remember hurricanes?


I have trans friends down there :pleading_face:


I hope they can leave if they need to… :sob:


They bought a plot for a house last year after they got married, they’re building their own place, one of them is a NASA rocket engineer…

How the fuck did this happen!?

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I know how this happened. Hate made it happen.
Pointless, useless, unnecessary hate made it happen.


Decades of ignoring right wing extremist groups and a political class that has stopped trying to solve problems, but is generally speaking just out to keep themselves in power and in donations…

And especially this! Hateful people using hate to keep themselves in power…


My GF’s trans kid is down there. :confused:

She’d like to see him move back up but he’s down there with friends, doing his own thing. Hopefully he’ll be ok.

Hopefully some sanity will be restored next election cycle. :confused:


The Green Book was a useful response to the Jim Crow police state. It’s sad to see the necessity for similar warnings growing again.


The crowd who knows the cost of everything but value of nothing. It’s always about the taxes but it’s ok for others to pay social and infrastructural services. It’s always no universal health care because “it’s raising cost for everyone” until they get their hospital bill with surprise face, “Why me?”. Privatize benefits and socialize the cost. Truly capitalist values. Hurricanes aid always comes from federal government. The state can’t even pull its own bootstraps. Those people are the product of failed public education about public services and its function in society. American exceptionalism at its finest.


NAACP […] warns against visiting Florida

Same as it ever was:


if only there were some studies done to figure this out…

oh right:

For a long time, researchers at the University of Florida included a question in their ongoing, decades-long survey of Floridians: If you weren’t born in this state, why are you here?

“‘The weather’ or ‘I moved here for my job’ were the two primary reasons. Considerably lower down, in third place, was ‘family,’” said Scott Richards, associate director at the University of Florida’s Bureau of Economic and Business Research. “It was remarkably stable, even through severe economic disruptions.”

For those leaving Florida — hundreds of thousands move out of the state every year — many mentioned politics, but more mentioned a feeling that they could find better schools and more robust services somewhere else for the same cost.


Covid brought loads of new residents, since the state was not taking any precautions. If you hated masks and vaccinations and social distancing and using hand sanitizer and so on, Florida was the place to be. I can extrapolate what the political views of many of those people are. We are close to ending up with the self-segregating lunchrooms of schools across America when required desegregation was new.


I was curious about the actual numbers there, and holy cow, Florida is #1 among US domestic migration in 2022. I would not have guessed that.

California is near the bottom with slightly net negative, but that’s not at all surprising. Not for social or tax reasons as MAGAs love to claim, but simply because it’s gotten so expensive cost-of-living-wise. Why is it so expensive? Because it’s a goddam paradise and everyone wants to live there. Cheap places are usually cheap for a reason. Not always, but usually.


Probably most wealthy MAGAs wanting to live out their dystopian dreams… Or retirees who don’t care about the fascism, because they don’t believe it will impact them or their quality of life.

But yeah, cost of living probably has something to do with that, too… Note that both Carolinas are in the top 4 as well. And my state is number 6 - which probably has a lot to do with the reverse Great Migration happening right now.


Yah, I’d guess this has a lot to do with remote work and COVID. I myself moved from Los Angeles to a small town during COVID since remote work meant there was no point in living in an incredibly expensive place anymore. Never Florida though. Yeesh. Even the mosquitos are fascists. And there’s so damn many of them (mosquitos and fascists).


Yeah, and the general cost of living problem in urban areas… As people move out of the major metros there and into the more rural parts, the costs there also rise, pushing even more working class people further away from decent jobs and wages…

Of course, none of that is simply a california problem, but is a general problem all across the country.

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Definitely. In the small town I moved to, real estate prices doubled during COVID. For an American example, at one point the median home price in Bozeman, Montana hit $850,000. Before COVID the median was more like $150,000. Basically all the tech bros decided Bozeman was the COVID hideout for them, probably because it was featured in an episode of Big Bang Theory (seriously- I think it’s the only small town any tech bro could name). All the locals got priced out of their own market overnight. It was awful.