NAACP warns black people they aren't safe on American Airlines


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Why ascribe to conscious racism what can better be ascribed to racist algorithms?

Pulling people out of their confirmed seats, moving them out of first class, leaving pax on standby, etc. are all performed by the computer choosing who the least valuable passengers are.


Is it that hard to read the post before commenting? Three of the four incidents described actions taken by individual and presumably quite conscious human beings.


You understand that commentary on an article can be about adding information about the same subject instead of trying to replace it, right?


Or perhaps all humans in general.


Because it’s not “adding information” to suggest that these conscious decisions by human beings might better be described by algorithms.


Honestly oftentimes those ‘personal’ decisions are made or informed by algorithms so that these companies can try and protect themselves from blame.


sure, but no. The personal decisions are made by people, the algorithms are for hiding behind, oftentimes.


“Computer says no”


#2 and 3 were selected by a computer, undoubtedly because the patrons weren’t registering as “valuable”.

But please, go on about your assumptions…


“3. removed from the flight when she complained to the gate agent about having her seating assignment changed without her consent”

Nice try, but…

You can have 1/4.


Kudos on the new logo!

Now with more KKKadvantage.

Ironically this is AA’s corporate color palette:



Whoa at the needless animosity in this thread.


Rob didn’t do it, he just posted about it; and racism, whether subconscious or actively premeditated, is a real thing, y’all.


I get this reference!



Since algorithms are written by programmers, and programmers are people (so I hear :slight_smile:), I wonder how safe companies are hiding behind algorithms, especially if the problems reveal themselves as being systemic.


“Few members of minority groups flew before World War II. While the airlines were not legally segregated, airports often were. Until the Civil Rights movement began to bring about change, air travel remained mostly for whites.”

Credit: Moorland-Springarn Research Center, Howard University

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