Nailed it: Milton Glaser's 'Space Force' logo




That can’t have been where the Cheeto-in-Chief got the idea. That Space Force had a black guy and women that weren’t for “comfort”.



It’s possible Trump saw this scene, and assumed it was real.

“That flag on the moon! We gotta straighten it out! We do have a Space Force, right?”



Am I wrong, I thought the Air Force had the space purview in their branch of the military. Or is humpty dRumphy proposing taking the job away from the air force and creating something new.?


It’s just that their logo isn’t that hot either.


Someone was really fond of Asteroids way back when.


My god… it’s full of stars.


The Scientology Free Zone would be happy to donate this, I’m sure:




I recently read a Wired article discussing the need for defense measures in space. I know that the space force concept is currently being heavily mocked, but serious question: Is the Wired article totally off-base?



As best I’ve been able to tell(it’s tricky when a movement accepts, even embraces, substantial incoherence); “space force” is mixture of “we’ve not actually heard of the AFSC” and “NASA is a nest of climate change conspiracy deep state cucks who need to be replaced by the military so we can Get Things Done”.(Though members of Congress in SLS-related areas are usually OK with working on that as well)


A bit of both everything.


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