Naked and famous: Swiss tourist has Disney LSD trip of a lifetime

Did you pay for your narcotics or just drink the ride flume “water” for free?

(And how can it possibly be that I’m the first person to reference this Simpsons’ episode given the subject matter?)


I don’t mind The Cut. On occasion it amuses. But their headline is so very vapid,

And it puts me in the mind of a different article.

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We always tried to get where we were going to spend the next few hours then and only then do the drop. Safety was easier to come by then, perhaps, but sometimes we had to go out for beer. That was weird. Something about fluorescent lighting and 7 Eleven is really toxic.

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What? What laws are you talking about? We know nothing about his work status right? He may be on a holiday, take a day off or just call in sick, no laws against that…

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it was nice seeing Oswald in that Disney video game that came out on the Nintendo Wii… it actually set up an adversarial relationship between him and Mickey. it was at that point I had assumed he was fully owned by Disney. too bad the game wasn’t as creepy as the concept art that preceded it.

It does seem a pretty good bet that a Swiss at Euro Disneyland is taking one of his many available weeks of vacation. And making damn fine use of it, I might add!

Now I wonder what it would be like to drop acid at Parc Astérix.


Wait, what? That’s a thing? Why didn’t I know, dammit?

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