"Naked Dating" contestant suing show for showing her crotch


When the episode aired on July 31, Nizewitz became the butt of jokes on YouTube…

You couldn’t help yourselves, could you New York Post?


Front bottom feeders.



And an extra ‘like’ for the appropriate anatomical description.


Still have blurred memories of Live TV on cable. Topless darts, The News Bunny followed trampolining dwarfs doing the weather, the Spanish Archer…


And, it so needs to be a band name. The Unblurred Vulvas should make the top of the charts based on their name alone. Let’s make this happen people!




But if you actually track down the unblurred pics in question, it also appears to be a vagina pic.

I’m sure you won’t mind if anyone uses this quote the next time BB posts anything about sexism, misogyny, etc.


It all depends on the size and method of pixellation. Some are just dumb.

But some… ooh la la!



I think I’ll pass —some things are just better left unseen. But if so and we get more than just a glimpse of vaginal introitus, then she probably needs to do lots of Kegel’s


The thought of requiring all non serious complaints as animated gifs has me giggling.


The sad thing is that we live in a country where something like “Dating Naked” is a draw for viewers. Or any of these crap faux-reality “naked” shows. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again “who gives a rat’s ass about a tit (or two), or even a vulva?” The answer sadly is “almost everyone”. Why should nudity somehow enhance an idiotic home buying show, or a “survival” show, or apparently this dating show?

Maybe I’m just getting old and cynical enough (or hippie enough?) that I-Just-Don’t-Care. Janet Jackson’s boob? Oh Noes! But what about the Children? They’ve seen tits too. Why should they care?

I’m going to say that anyone who goes on a show like this has no complaint about being seen nude. A mis-timed blur happens. Is grammy more ashamed that the world saw a blurry flash of mystery vulva, or is she more ashamed that her granddaughter goes on this kind of sleazy show at all?


dating with extra cover-up


That is a good way to get a lot of people to google your crotch who otherwise would never have seen a random episode of some obscure show that no one watches! +1 for the streisand effect

pervy old men who’s eyesight is so bad they can’t tell anything has been blurred? people who watch naked and afraid and are frustrated that they never hook up? :slight_smile: There is even a naked blurred house buying show…wtf!!!

i really don’t get the need to blur nudity yet they can show graphic violence no problem, that is really messed up.


For context, this is an example of a shot from the same show that the woman in question was apparently totally OK with.

Said the plaintiff: “My grandma saw it. I saw her this week and she didn’t have much to say to me. She’s probably mad. My parents are just annoyed…”

Riiighht. Your grandma is upset because the blur filter was off, not because you let a total stranger fondle your naked breasts on national television.


Let’s recap Reality TV evolution so far. Have we hit the very bottom yet??? Ffor every barrel bottom the TV industry scrapes, they somehow manage to find another bottom below that.

  • Let’s put some random people together with at least one drama queen among the group and video tape them night and day. (The Real World)

  • Let’s put some random people together with at least one drama queen among the group and give them some kind of project to complete. (Project Runway, Iron Chef, The Apprentice, Cupcake Wars, The Bachelor, Survivor)

  • Let’s videotape a business that third graders would dream of owning (Cake Boss, DC Cupcakes, Dirty Jobs)

  • Let’s surprise people by messing up their houses and create drama with the “reveal”. (Flip this House, Extreme Makeover Home Edition)

  • Let’s watch one or two people buy something - a house, antiques, pawned items. Create drama by having the stars create some shenanigans and shocking values of stuff they buy. (Pawn Stars, Antiques Road Show, American Pickers, Say Yes to the Dress, House Hunters)

  • Let’s put some rednecks on TV. (Duck Dynasty, Honey Boo Boo)

  • Let’s put some naked people on TV and blur out all the good parts. (see linked article)


We haven’t quite hit “Ow my Balls” yet…

10 Things ‘Idiocracy’ Predicted Would Happen, and Sadly Already Have - Mandatory



I think putting Dirty Jobs in there is a bit unfair. There are other shows on Discovery Channel that fit a lot better. Like the ones about mining for gold or customizing motorcycles. Dirty Jobs was a lot more like take your kid to work day with Mike Rowe as the kid. He went to enough different jobs to avoid most of the artificial drama.

If you want to see a reality tv show done right, check out Strip Search. It started off trying to be something like Project Runway or Iron Chef but with web comic artists. A few things saved it though. The artists realized that the group they were with are peers and potential friends, not competition. The editing didn’t go to ridiculous lengths to introduce extra drama. And the biggest thing is something the judges did after the first elimination. They realized “oh shit, these are actual people we’re crushing the dreams of.” So they decided on impulse to talk to the eliminated people as real people. They also did a lot after the show to help promote everyone and send work their way.


My husband met Mike Rowe. He said he was really cool. I only saw one episode of the show. But it did seemed aimed at younger kids though family friendly.