Third boob likely a hoax


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Well, I, for one, am shocked.


Well, thanks anyway, Rob, for keeping a-… no, too easy.



The third boob is all of us who got taken by the story.


Well, look, the idea that she was “tired of dating and wanted to make herself unattractive” is ridiculous (why spend $20K for a boob when you can spend $5 on a fake beard), and the idea of a reality show based around her third breast is. . . limited in scope.

My guess is this whole thing is a publicity stunt or performance art, maybe with the intention of promoting discussion/reassessment of standards of beauty, body modification, sexism, etc.

Fair enough.


The concept that anyone would believe that an additional boob would REDUCE attraction and attention from men is ridiculous, regardless of the means or cost spent.


In other news, Brooklyn Bridge not actually for sale, Nigerian Prince does not need to transfer money out of country, may be non-existant. Also, Pope Catholic.


Oh I totally believe someone could think that. People are that dumb.

I suspect that there are more than a few people in the church hierarchy who aren’t too sure.

Nooooo!!! Say it ain’t so!!!

I am a fan of the title of this topic.
also Rob.

I figured it was real but more likely a fatty tumor rather than a surgical enhancement because I couldn’t imagine that any surgeon would perform such a surgery.

Personally I’m a four-boob man, I need the symmetry, plus it just seems more natural to have them lined up in rows like on all other non-primates; no mammal has an odd-number of mammary glands naturally.


Looks like she’s already been out in public with the new boob.

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When is the last time you tried to buy a fake beard, Mister?

I didn’t really buy her reasoning, but I didn’t think it was COMPLETELY impossible for somebody to want to do this (though yes, the thought of a plastic surgeon actually agreeing to it was a bit of a stretch). After all, the people on this list exist.

Unethical? We’ve been doing similar procedures in Nevada for years! Here’s a man who had it done in 1996.

Who are these plastic surgeons to tell a woman what she is or is not likely to have done to her own body?!