Names reported in Trump bribery-for-pardon scheme: Elliott Broidy, Abbe Lowell, Sanford Diller, Hugh L. Baras

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Well that’s anticlimactic. I had Manafort on my bingo card.


Manafort doesn’t have the assets to put up for the bribe anymore.


It just means Manafort didn’t get caught.


“tax evasion and improperly claiming Social Security benefits“

Stealing social security benefits- what low, sad, little people.


I had Rick Gates on mine just because the documents were redacted in such a way as to suggest a five-letter last name that ended in “s” and Gates was the highest-profile Trump associate I could think of who fit that profile. But it does make more sense that the pardonee would be a Billionaire if money was the motive.


It truly is grifters all the way down…


All of these people keep bumping into Trump and saying, “Pardon me!” lately. People really ought to watch where they’re going.


Broidy is the big fish. He’s linked to much criminality involving Trump. He’s behind a triangulated NDA involving Trump, Shera Bechard and a pregnancy, too… so, just ask the kid the inevitable question “Who’s your Daddy?”… funny how Trump’s NDA’s often involve DNA …


Could somebody please explain this to me? I don’t understand what it means


I am sure this isn’t the only case. I am sure there is a spreadsheet right now with a bunch of names and a price right next to each.


I still stand by my reasoning even if my guess about which five-letter-name-ending-with-an-s was wrong.


This the most perfect Trumpian scandal I could possibly think of. Enlisting lawyers to facilitate bribes to help somebody avoid prison for tax evasion. Trump doesnt even have to be directly involved, but everything about him encourages this kind of rot.



Or would it be pronounced more like Hubris?


bribery for anything is and AGE OLD custom. You got to expect it’s gonna happen, and be surprised when it does not. If you don’t think it’s a thing, bribe someone, or ask for a bribe once, it’s a thing you’ll see. It’s not right it’s not wrong, it’s just a thing. It’s up to everyone to read the context. Certainly not saying bribing trump for favors is a good thing, just saying you should expect this behavior when the man accepts bribes. My favorite is when the doctor office says “we only accept referrals” … $200 will grease the wheels and get em turning. People ask for bribes, people in a hurry pay up. Personally, I find capitalism in causation.

No, I’m pretty sure it’s wrong.


In context. I’ll prove my point - tell me what you do and I’ll give you a right/wrong bribe scenario you can’t pass up. In context, even you will take the bribe, or feel that feeling you’re feeling right now and skip the bribe and do the thing they bribed you todo. Morality plays little role in the bribe itself, it’s merely an attestation that what you feel is wrong according to the other, and the other is willing to pay up to convince you. A bribe is a statement, you should care about this manifestation of temporary wellbeing, this money, much more than you care about this petty, trite little matter. Out of context you’re correct, bribing to get out of jail is wrong, the guilty party must pay penance. Perhaps they feel their penance is monetary, and the one who accepts this penance feels the same.

It’s a thing man. I’m just an observer. I see this shit happen all the time. It most certainly is a thing that people do and do not go to jail for. Obviously they do it to get out of jail. I urge you to write your congress person to include in the revised federal code verbiage that prevents this from happening, because there’s nothing to prevent it presently apart from amaluments which means fuck-all.

I’m pretty sure that’s a “we’re extremely busy and don’t have time to be your first point of contact for this - see your family doctor first and he’ll tell you if we’re even who you should see.”

There’s also the question of if it’s an insurance requirement - I’ve got one doctor who requires it and it’s 100% due to insurance. If you don’t get a referral first, the insurance company won’t pay for the visit.