Nano Bible no bigger than the tip of a pen


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I believe mustard seed is the preferred size comparator.


Is this technically angels dancing on the head of a pin?




Because it could be done! heheh

But really, people do this kind of thing regularly, to draw attention to some new lithography technique or whatever. Haven’t you seen some of the cute stuff they do with scanning tunneling microscopes?


What is this?? A bible for ants?!



Does anyone know if this is a tech demo of either a notably small fab process or something much more efficient than the usual scanning tunneling electron microscopy tricks? Or is it purely for evangelizing the nanites?


Reportedly it is just lousy bog-standard focused ion beam.
I wonder if there’s something above-mainstream in the method.


iBle nano?


Hold it close; you can feel the little tiny judgements.


That’s not a bible. It’s a tenach.


They have the Intel experimental and production fabs as well as others so there is a pretty strong nonolithography base. Every few years some spinoff folks or one of the universities do this as a PR stunt. Really just a tech demo with a document over half the world has actually read from.


I could do this with a micro SD card.


Nano Testament


Sure, it’s easy enough when you leave out all the vowels.


Are you making a joke that I don’t get? Or drawing a distinction that doesn’t really exist? The Tanakh is the Jewish Bible.


Its a start, now if only they could make it 100% smaller.

  1. Wasn’t this posted on BB a while back?
  2. Neither linked article tells what the thing really is. Is it the 5 books of Moses (AKA “the Torah” or “Chumash”) is it TaNaCh or the Christian Edit which includes texts which Jews consider non canonical? (goyim call this the “Old Testament”)


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