Ten Commandments tablet up for auction


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“Charleston Heston”



The President Elect tRump has broken all of them. How do the Christian Reich Wingers live with themselves?


I’m saving my money for the tablet that tells where to find the holy grail.


Nah, he honors his parents! Look at how closely he follows in their footsteps! /snark.


“Samaritan Decalogue”

Wait, so this is actually an artifact of those filthy, heretical Samaritans?


The reason why this is a variation on the more commonly known Ten Commandments is an interesting historical point.


Be careful of false grails.


Can someone explain to me why this is going up for auction, rather than going into some museum in Israel?


(I can keep this up all day)


If this were REAL, wouldn’t it be in ENGLISH, the one true god’s chosen language? :stuck_out_tongue:


You joke, but there are people out there who actually believe exactly that, and there’s a large overlap between them and the Christian Theocrats (aka Dominionists).


Henry Jones Sr. would like to remind you:


Man, I like the idea of owning something like this but what onerous DRM – Divine Rights Management.


Yeah, but it’s not like they’re written in stone.


Why settle for a GIF?


Honestly, because something is arsed-up with chrome playing videos on this machine that I can’t be bothered to fix


So since it’s not the original I assume it can’t melt faces but can it at least warm my apartment? Could be worth considering if this winter is going to be as miserable ss the Farmer’s Almanac predicts.


Thou art not alone