Christian assault rifles now available


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This just saved so many parody image shoopers soo much time. “We call it the POE1000”


So - this complete idiot Christian1 doesn’t know that Muslims consider the Bible as part of revelation (to them Muslims, Christians and Jews are all “people of the book”)? Putting Biblical verses on guns might encourage more Islamic fundamentalists to use them, not fewer.

1Best not to call a gun nut a complete idiot on second thoughts, the Atlantic isn’t wide enough.




The inscription is silly, but the machine itself looks sweet.


Isn’t part of his punishment that he only gets a previous generation games console to play with?
Really the only toy I would allow him is a small plastic target and a sucker gun. With a small hole drilled through the bullseye so every time he hits it, the sucker just falls off.


What Would Jesus Shoot?


Disclaimer: I’m a word nut, not a gun nut.

“Assault rifle” appears to mean something specific, and it’s not clear to me that this weapon is actually an “assault” rifle. At least, the manufacturer doesn’t seem to describe it as such.

ETA: If it really can do full-auto via select fire, then it may actually be an assault rifle. The three-way toggle looks like it could offer such a mode, but that doesn’t jibe with the description of this being based on a semi-auto-only rifle.


Now this is a Christian assault rifle!


…thou shall not kill is on every bullet.


As you can see from the safety switch, the gun is NFA repeal ready,


On the receiver, by the safety button it also says: Peace, War, and God Wills It. It kind of looks like settings. It would be kind of handy if the gun wouldn’t fire on Peace, was fireable for War, or with the third setting you could just kind of point it at things and God would decide whether or not to shoot.


I read about this. First off, it is hardly the first gun with a Bible verse on it. Second, the person behind it said he wanted a gun that a Muslim couldn’t hurt someone else with. Which IMHO is fucking retarded. First off, I highly doubt a Muslim terrorist would ever encounter this rifle. But even if they did - what exactly is going to stop them? A cross and a laser engraved verse? A little bit of time with sandpaper, a dremel tool, or even a rock will get rid of that.

It is just a marketing ploy. That’s it. And it’s working because they are getting free advertising.

Many lower come with the third position labeled, but the safety can’t actually travel that far. Or if they do have the safety that allows the third position, it doesn’t have the other parts for it to actually be full auto. Most AR15s don’t have the body milled to take full auto parts and as you can see it is missing the third pin hole on the side. It does lead to some fun jokes, though.


With guns like these, he doesn’t need to shoot.


What does the “War, Peace, God Wills It” settings mean?
Is that the safety? Fire, Safe and… who knows, look down the barrel to see if it’s clogged again?

Nice pirate blunderbuss pic thar matey!


On an M16, the settings are SAFE, SEMI, and AUTO (or perhaps BURST, if your employer doesn’t like you to waste ammo.)

on this rifle, the settings are


the english translations, on the reverse side of the rifle are PEACE, WAR, and GOD WILLS IT.


i’m old. i want a cane gun. that would awesome. engraved, “friend of the devil”


I’m very MEH to this. A rifle lower receiver can be modified with anything as long as the ATF required markings are followed for commercial sale (i.e. serial number, caliber, etc).

How is this any stupider than - or I’d own either of those before some invisible space zombie quote…

Its easy to tie this into the narrative that Christians are arming up for the faith wars or whatever. However keep in mind arms manufacturers have for a VERY long time associated bible verses with their products, that whole “Crusader” mentality. A few years back Trijicon was forced to remove verses from their optics once the military found out.

Also, please please please stop it with the “Assault Rifle” nomenclature. I damn well expect better use of phrasing on this site, who usually calls others out for technical accuracy, but I guess inaccuracies are ok when you are against whatever cause is being mocked.

Its a semi-automatic rifle. An assault rifle is a fully automatic weapon. The rifles shown are have lower receivers that are marked for full auto, however that means absolutely jack and squat since the receiver isn’t drilled for full auto fire control groups, but gosh looks like sexy bait for bitching about firearms. “Black Rife” is also an acceptable term, however just saying that here will probably draw out the racist humor of some I’m sure.


I would buy one of those… with horns on the handle too maybe.