Nanotech scientists teach spinach how to send emails, detects bombs

Originally published at: Nanotech scientists teach spinach how to send emails, detects bombs | Boing Boing


There is, however, the spinach predation problem which scientists have yet to overcome.


You mean to tell me that after a hundred years of increasingly dire warnings about pollution and climate change, the rich and powerful are suddenly going to start listening to a bunch of spinach?!


I’m getting spam from spinach right now.


What on earth will vegans do now?

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I’m more concerned about law enforcement listening to it…sentient spinach evolving in a world where people who eat it might get charged with a crime sounds like a scary sci-fi novel.


Scary sci-fi? Sounds more like a comedy, can you imagine, law enforcement showing deference to sentient beings over mere property?

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Yes, I can. It all depends on the beings and property involved. Just look at how they already believe signals from dogs over the words of people.

:policeman:We got a report from the plant division that water coming from your apartment shows evidence of bomb-making materials, proof that this building is at risk because of your actions. Come along quietly…

:pleading_face: Officer, I don’t know anything about that! I was just sitting here having some spinach salad for lunch, like I do every day…

:leafy_green: Lock her up! Lock her up!


Full marks for a far fetched headline. Nano scientists didn’t teach spinach anything, especially sentience.It’s not even the spinach actuating the emails - it’s the cameras. More interesting maybe is the potential to harvest electricity from plants, enough to capture in a battery to power LED’s or low-powered electronics.


I pictured skroderiders as ferns, but spinach works too.

Apparently the spinach began it’s counter - terrorism career back in 2016.

For 4 years we have been under the watching leaf of the spinach.

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