Naomi Wolf wants young women to stop speaking with "vocal fry"

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Heard a great story on this just yesterday on NPR. Pretty much noting several cultures where this fry is indicative of power but as it is used by men, NO ONE SAYS A FUCK and it is encouraged. Since it is used here by affluent women, it is looked down upon.


The fry? Seems a little? Less destructive? To someone’s? Perception of you? Than making? Everything? A question? Like? You know?

This is maddening in both men and women - and presumably anything else.


am I the only one that sees a canoe?


Good for her trying to make a difference. I suppose someone should tell women how to speak…
Odd that no one seems to complain about men like Noam Chomsky sounding bad. Ira Glass did a nice bit about vocal fry where he interviewed linguist Penny Eckert who seems to think the policing of womens voices is more of a problem than upspeak or vocal fry and said that if vocal fry from a woman bothers you then it’s probably because you are over 40.

And another perspective


How isn’t it manipulative to get people to take one seriously, feel one is confident, and/or believe that one is smarter (than whom, precisely)? Maybe if people are encouraged to think for themselves, there might be less doubt where reactions such as sexism can flourish.

Here’s a voice coach teaching singers how to to use vocal fry to achieve cord closure.

Further evidence that tonal music is dubious!

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Lower pitched voices are perceived as having more authority. If women speak in a pattern that pitches some of their tones lower, I’m not going to put on my shocked faced when people take issue with it.

“Stop doing that guy thing!”


From the linguists at Lanuage Log (Emphasis mine)

The following things about vocal (creak and) fry are clear:

  1. Everybody does it.
  2. Everybody has always done it.
  3. There’s a widespread belief that young American women are now doing it more (than young women did in earlier decades, or than older women do now, or that men of any age do it or did it).
  4. No one has ever presented any non-anecdotal evidence that (3) is true.

“Vocal Fry”


So the solution is to do acquiesce to what they’re complaining about?


To me it looks like a little man in a boat


How to you expect fascism to succeed if we all don’t bow down and accept their authority? I mean, really! It’s almost like you don’t WANT to live in a police state.


The video in this post shows annoying people using vocal fry, but they would be annoying regardless of whether or not they used it. In my experience, an intelligent sounding woman using vocal fry still sounds intelligent.


I feel like Faith Salie (Corrected from Naomi Wolf) had to record that several times so she didn’t fry at the wrong times.

This is the exact sound we have described as powerful and sexy in men for ever and a day. Wasn’t an annoying trend until women did it.

Deep and gravely means; adult, professional, smart, serious, and powerful in or culture. Maybe we can all stop thinking that.


Whatever, blonde Tina Fey.

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There is some nice irony there in the Faith Salie video. Though she is obviously concentrating hard on keeping herself from doing it the entire time, there is some vocal fry slipping into her voice, too (apart from when she is doing it intentionally in a mocking fashion).


When did we vote on this?

It would be improbable if people happened to have the same opinion about it.


And also annoying at the same time.

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I heard that show as well, and could not believe that she wasn’t sure if she still had the Valley Girl Voice. That’s the whole reason they had her on! My ears have just barely recovered from the ordeal of listening to that voice.