NASA Begins Study of Australia's Great Barrier Reef


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Shouldn’t NASA be working on studying the coral reefs of Europa?


Space exploration is just one branch of NASA’s core mission:

Science: explores the Earth, solar system and universe beyond; charts
the best route of discovery; and reaps the benefits of Earth and space
exploration for society.


No point since we are unable to attempt landings there.


someone at NASA lost a bet and the poor guy had to propose a project in the most hostile and dangerous environment?


“NASA Begins Study of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef”

Spoiler: It’s dying, and when it goes, a LOT of people are gonna go soon after.


+1 for recursive acronym.


The US Government has other agencies, like NOAA and the Coast Guard, that already work in this area. What sense does it make to put this under NASA? EXCEPT for the fact that NASA is being replaced by private, Space X and Blue Origin and they are desperately looking for something to keep the cash coming. Heaven forbid that we get organized and not have hundreds of duplicate programs.


the coast guard is working in Australia doing earth science? an outstanding example of mission creep, even for a paramilitary organisation…

and I don’t see your point, aeronautics and earth science were always part of NASA’s tasks and the main instrument is one in a long line of other spectrometers the agency constructed and ran in the last decades.


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