Bill Nye urges Trump to recommit to the U.S. Space Program


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Tell him there’s a lot of real estate available on the moon.


It’s a very reasonable plan and an investment in American jobs, so let’s hope the message gets through.

Unless there are astronautin’ jerbs immediately available to laid-off white coal miners, I doubt it will. That’s before you take into account his aversion to anything reasonable.

As @TheGreatParis notes, you have to speak to the man in his language. For example, offer to paint the booster rockets black (perhaps with faux marble touches) and put his name on them in gold leaf and the chances of his recommitting to the best, really the most luxurious, space programme go up exponentially.

I wish we lived in a country where Bill Nye’s message would be heeded, but we don’t.


Perhaps NASA could promise to make their next-generation heavy lift rockets run on coal.


Tell him about our fabulous gold leaf visors. Simply the finest.

And there’s no Muslims on the Moon.


Isn’t this a bit late?


Kornbluth is way ahead of you:


It’s the way of the future!


I’ll believe it when I see it. If Trump doesn’t eviscerate NASA, his allies in Congress are working on a real budget, and you’ll never guess who needs a tax break.


When Trump invited Vice-President Mike Pence to speak, Pence suggested that former astronaut and Sen. Bill Nelson be allowed to say a few words.
“He’s a Democrat. I wasn’t going to let him speak,” Trump quipped, to laughter.

Way to politicize this.


The first golf course on Mars.
The classiest, most exclusive (out-of-this-) world class. The best. It’s gonna be great, folks.
(And, sold)



How about all those luscious hydrocarbons on Titan. Trump’s Russian cronies could make Mega-Trillions quadrillions on that pipeline.


And if any angle of a ‘space program’ (ex: satellites supporting Earth science) looks to explore global warming?


They’re already upset about that.

Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) said he wanted to “rebalance” NASA and shift its climate research to other agencies. Trump transition officials have suggested that NOAA handle NASA’s earth science research, but cuts to NOAA suggest the administration is not interested in continuing that research.


More fuel for the upcoming midterms.


I haven’t had time to read all of this yet. But I will.


You are powerless under my gaze. Look deep into my owl eyes and obey:

Read all of it.

Report back.


Well I can see so far it has something to do with experimental dental surgery. So it sounds pretty darned exciting!


A bonus side effect from falling under my all-powerful gaze.