Congress may fund the search for intelligent life in space as they can't find any in Washington


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So long, and thanks for all the fish!


I reckon this is probably some kind of ploy to distract people from further cutbacks to NASA’s climate science endeavors.




10 million ain’t much. Personally, I think the results will be zero. But if I’m wrong, wouldn’t this be worth a hell of a lot more?


They haven’t yet decided which of their major GOP donor’s companies they will give the contract to. Perhaps they are waiting to see how much the various donors will bid/bribe donate to the upcoming elections.


Hoopy. Not “hoppy”.


I fear this is all part of Trump’s proposed, battle ready Space Force.


Autocorrect will be the death of me.


Computers are dumb.




That’s bugger, not bother.

Two countries separated by the same language indeed.


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