NASA launches OSIRIS-REx asteroid sample mission, speeding toward Bennu rendezvous


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An interesting side note is that this was an asymmetrical craft. It had only one solid rocket booster instead of two.


I blame Kerbal Space Program for these designs.



Ahem. We are STRICTLY an Orbiter shop.


The folks at the University of Arizona, where I work, are rather giddy about this mission. They had a big party on the campus mall for the launch today.


Plenty of time for Hollywood to remake The Andromeda Strain again. Only this time: zombies!


The launch was awesome to see in person!

Every year, the global winners from NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge get invited to a launch at Kennedy Space Center. This was the launch that Space Apps winners got to see this year. (I co-organized the Greensboro site, home of Best Mission Concept winning team FractalNet which is how I got to go.) You can see a bunch more photos from the last couple of days at KSC by searching Twitter for #spacespps and #NASAsocial


Hey! The trope is monkeys and typewriters! You’re doing it wrong!

Never heard of this before. For all the other ignorants out there: The project seems to be very interesting.


Good grief… what a time to be alive. :open_mouth:


One of the posters I know from our Meteorite List (for those of us nerds who collect and analyze those things) moved over to NASA and is currently one of their project scientists on OSIRIS_REx. The speculation is that he got tired of looking for meteorites on the ground, so decided to hunt them at the source :slight_smile:


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