NASA sells off shuttle launch platform "crawlers"


Talk about overzealous roof-rack design.

Art car and mobile camp all in one!


I was considering opening a droid salvage and repair operation.


I just saw that thing on a Dirty Jobs episode last week. Season 3 episode 5.

Gonna park it in the driveway to the Atlas site I also want to buy.

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Mobile suburb so whenever an ethnic family moves nearby, they can just move then entire suburb.

Getaway car.

Now all I need is a driver. Anybody know what Lisa Nowak’s doing these days ?

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As a platform for burning the Man at Burning Man – instead of a static location, light it at one end of the playa and do a mobile burn to the other.

Alternatively: point one at Ft. Meade and the other at the Capitol building, fuel em up and hit “go”. Plenty of time to get everyone out of the way.

(Hey NSA: just kidding!)

I’m thinking of some “Yo Mama So Fat” joke here…

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There’s been a misunderstanding. NASA is not selling off the crawler-transporters — the two massive tracked vehicles are both being upgraded and modified for use with NASA’s planned Space Launch System (SLS).

The three platforms NASA is now seeking new use(s) for are the mobile launch platforms (MLPs) that rode atop the crawlers to the launch pads and served as the base from which the Saturn V, Saturn IB and space shuttles were launched.

NASA built a new MLP for its now canceled Ares I rocket and that is now also being modified for use with the SLS, resulting in the three earlier MLPs no longer being needed.


You’re gonna get some hop ons.


This article is misleading. The crawler-transporters and the mobile launchpads are separate things. The crawlers carry the platforms and the shuttle stack to the launch sites. I’m sure NASA would re-use the crawlers for the next-generation rocket stacks.

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Mount the Statue of Liberty on it and slowly drive it into the ocean while an exhumed Charlton-Heston-draped robo-skeleton screams "OH, DAMN YOU! GODDAMN YOU ALL TO HELL! "

That is all.


They are selling the platforms, not the crawlers. They are separate - the crawlers move the MLPs (mobile launch platform) to the pad, and then move away for launch.

Hear me now and believe me later, these crawlers are designed for maximum pumpitude. That is why NASA named them Hans and Franz.

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I would build a small volcano base on top of it and have me the supervillain equivalent of an RV.


You spelt ‘NASA’ wrong :wink:

Hey, what are you trying to push on us?!