NASA telescopes spot clues for how Giant Black Holes formed so quickly

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Well this is kind of a big deal (and an actual big deal; not an FN-2187 “Big Deal”) – we know that many (most?) galaxies have super massive black holes at their centers (they even get the SMBH initialism to feel special), but the formation process(es) have been hard to pin down. Matter, angular momentum, and time are the key ingredients to SMBHs, and getting all 3 qualities balanced just-so has been tough for astronomers. Really exciting if this new model works!

(Actually, I’m only excited by the potential to know something about black hole seeds, which might lead to learning something about star seeds, which might then lead to figuring out how to make starseed lures, which might then lead to Outsiders paying us a visit, and then President Trump can make a deal to buy Hyperdrives from the Outsiders, and then we can use 'em to flee the Trump presidency. Perfect!)


I thought it was all about dark matter, but this article doesn’t even mention it.

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You mean something like this? Scientist suggests possible link between primordial black holes and dark matter.


Well it’s hardly news, is it?

Dunno. The usual supposition about dark matter is WIMPs. This is rather interesting for incorporating data from both the CIB and CXB.

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