NASA videos on the harshness of space and a cool new space suit for exploring the Moon

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The new suit reminds me of this:

Was hoping more for this:


It’s amazing that they’re still touting a 2024 landing. Gotta make Pence happy, reality be damned…

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Orion Crew Survival System suit which will be will be worn by first woman and next man as they explore the Moon

Dafuq did I just read?

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NASA should just sell these. Sure they’ll probably cost best part of a million dollars, but there’s loads of aerospace nerds who’d buy their own working space suit.
Then mass production would bring NASA’s costs down.

So much wrong there. The writer must have been low on oxygen; perhaps a problem with their life support system.

Fixed. Easy.

Good, but it needs a bit more work (hence, my “so much wrong”); the Survival System Suit is not worn to explore the Moon. The Crew Survival Suits are upgraded, improved versions of Space Shuttle suits worn during launch, mission (in cabin) safety, and Earth re-entry. This new suit should make it into any future US-launched (not Soviet, as current) low-Earth orbit missions and for the same reasons the older suits were worn.

NASA is developing its Exploration Extravehicular Mobility Unit, or xEMU, for moonwalks, and has reengineered elements of the crew survival suit worn on the space shuttle to enhance range of motion and improve safety for the astronauts who will wear it to get to the Moon and back to Earth.

Combining our fixes: The xEMU suit which will be worn by the first woman and next man to explore the Moon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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If you want to define “exploring the moon” as moonwalks alone, sure.

I’d tend to think that near moon spacewalks would be part of exploring the moon, too, but there’s nothing wrong with your interpretation either.

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Hey! This is BB, which has always been a fertile ground for intelligent and well-meaning Moonwalk-like explorations of semantics. No problem here!! :blush:

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