NASA "Webbsite" shows the progress of the James Webb Space Telescope

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Oh, very cool. Added to my Favorites page, next to Bb. Thanks for posting this!

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Cannot freaking WAIT to see the first images!!! Going to be sitting on the edge of my seat until it makes it to L2 and everything is unfurled and it’s actually working.


Hey, 348 mph is around one mile per TEN seconds.

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The telescope is currently travelling at 0.77 miles per second, or about 2700 mph. It has almost reached the average distance to the moon.

I have no idea why the scale at the bottom is so wrong, but it irritates me.


Jeez, where was that when I was still commuting? I asks yous?

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It’s nearly as fast as my mother would drive if we were late for school.


So Mom was a “pedal to the metal” kind’a Gal? I like that.



Certainly cracking on! Wonder if it’s got time for a breakfast stop at McD’s? :wink:

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I think it’s cool to see the telescope’s speed decreasing over time, which makes sense because there is no longer a rocket accelerating it and the earth’s gravity is pulling it back. Eventually it will become slow enough to be slowed to a relative crawl by L2 (relative to Earth that is).

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If you look at the bottom scale on a larger screen, it shows that the unit is “days” rather than distance. The vehicle is slowing as it nears the L2 point. At the time of this writing, the speed has dropped to 0.7657 mi/s, compared to 0.7722 when you viewed the site.


So it does, thanks! A phone-rotation did the same.

Just victims of ill-chosen graphic design then


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Just hit 400,000 miles from earth. Speed has reduced to under 0.5 miles per second.

And NASA have updated the page design to allow you to choose between Time and Distance. Neat!

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