NASA's Mars Rover sends back a sandy selfie


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I can’t see the arm. I is very confused.

Why is NASA lying about the Martians that helped take this picture?

Of course, you always have to watch out when you give some tentacled stranger your camera to take a snapshot of you in front of a scenic landmark. I don’t know if Curiosity could catch up with them if they did a runner.


There go the Earthers, cracking wise about the fine upstanding Martian folk. As if they are all invaders, muggers and thieves. Why all the hate? Is it because they are green?

Sure a bunch of them started some crap in 1890’s London and 1950’s LA, then the whole “Mars Needs Women” interplanetary prostitution scandal. But that is no reason to blame the whole planet. How come when an Earthling starts crap, they are “disturbed” or “lone wolves” but when its a Martian, everyone starts talking about “invaders”.

Sure we love Marvin, J’onn J’ones, and M’Gann M’orzz, call them “the good ones”. They are sell outs. “Uncle Martins”. No more than a chocos withdrawls away from being pariahs

So in short, remember Martians have feelings too.

I will leave you with a bit from David Bowie. Because…reasons.



There are no Martians. Do you see Martians? Obviously, Curiousity encountered a mirror, which is much more enigmatic.

Also, “It is opened by using the thwack actuator, a motorized component that also can deliver a firm tap to help clean sample material from a nearby sieve.” Nothing I can say can improve this.


Because they kidnapped Santa!



Sandy indeed - needs a good dusting.


It is opened by using the thwack actuator […] can deliver a firm tap

Great name.

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