Striking new selfies from the InSight lander on Mars


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There is a martian rabbit left of the black veritcal post. Let’s see where it is on the next picture! :smiley:



someone on twitter said, “i’ve never been so excited to see DIRT before!” – yes, that sums it up for me, too. so amazing… YAY, MARS!


The camera pans up… and there are the neighbours.




There’s also this great photo of one of its solar panels fully-deployed:


It’s got its thumb (arm) in all of the shots. My uncle does the same thing.


They certainly picked a smooth area to land.


What an age we live in!

(Why yes, I did just listen to the latest Judge John Hodgman, why do you ask?)


It looks like the tide is due to come in.

Flat terrain is usually pretty boring for geology, but this time we’re going inside Mars - I can’t wait to see what they find.


Is it just me, or are the design specs for baby strollers and mars rovers converging?


Jeez, give a robot a camera and what does it do? Turns into Anthony Weiner.


You uncle probably doesn’t have the excuse of having his camera mounted on his elbow, which, IIRC, is where InSight has its camera.


Yup. More and more Mars looks like Planet Arizona.


I find myself not as excited as I used to be about new Mars photos. We’ve become too good at dropping robots on Mars, this is the new normal I suppose.


Meanwhile, Eve and Wall-E are drifting and dying, but does anyone care?


There are no happy endings for deep space probes. Anthropomorphize them at your own risk, at best they end up without power, slowly getting buried in dust or floating in space forever. At worst, fiery death.


Missions to Mars remain highly risky. It’s more likely that you’ll get to the summit of Everest (and that is very far from certain) than that the next mission to Mars will succeed. Happily, Mars missions do seem to be improving in certainty over the last decade or so :slight_smile:


Well, almost none…