Striking new selfies from the InSight lander on Mars



I saw a Martian.


Iā€™m seeing Martians right now!


Also, I realize the fuel costs would have made them the most expensive toys in history, but it would have been totally worth it to send some Lego astronauts glued to the top of InSight.


Yeah, spirit_rover on LiveJournal taught me that one. Oof.


Mars bunnies usually move too fast to be captured by cameras on landers.




No, nobody cares- because they are terrible with friend and follow requests.


Every thing else is; cars and cell phones, refrigerators and computer terminals, boys and girls. . .


Maybe we should send Arpaio.


Seasonally topical: Mars is actually made of gingerbread. Nom nom!


That gives me the sadz


Is it just me, or are the design specs for baby strollers and mars rovers converging?



Yup, Made in USA.


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