National climate assessment 2018


there is some scary shit embedded in this.

just as scary is the fact that this was dumped on black friday, two weeks before the report was supposed to be released.

2018: The Year in Review

…and this is why business-as-usual incrementalism is a completely inadequate response to the climate crisis.

Revolutionary change is the only path to survival.


We are past the point were tinkering around the edges will get us anywhere. We need concerted, international action if we are to continue to thrive on this planet. Unfortunately, we have to begin by electing representatives who will actually acknowledge that there is a problem! Until that happens, we are and shall continue to be screwed.


Good News Everyone!

A White House statement said the report, which was started under the Obama administration, was “largely based on the most extreme scenario” of global warming and that the next assessment would provide an opportunity for greater balance.


Oh, ok I feel much better now…


The past decade or so I’ve lost count of how many conversations I’ve had with people who run the political gamut yet nearly all fundamentally don’t understand the scale of this existential threat to human civilization and our planetary ecosphere. So many honestly just don’t realize what we’re in for even for relatively optimistic forecasts, let alone worst case or in-between scenarios.

The fossil fuel companies do though, and they make Big Tobacco look like saints by comparison…


I recall a conversation with a friend about twenty years ago, when I explained that the climate issue was of sufficient importance that it outweighed all other political considerations.

He didn’t believe me.


And therein lies our problem, the Trojans ignoring Cassandra.


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