National Geographics teaches you how to shatter a car window with ease


Do they have a hack for opening the bonnet/hood, extracting the spark plug and then shattering it?


“Next time you have an emergency and need to get inside, grab yourself a spark plug or head over to the ceramics store.”

I’ll be right back man, I just need to drive to the hardware store to get a hammer, stop off at the auto supply place for a spark plug and I’ll have you out in about fifteen, twenty minutes…


A simple left handed blow from a rubber mallet will instantly reduce a car engine hood to slag.


What the video teaches is that overacted faked enthusiasm looks silly.


“Hey, can I borrow your hammer? All I have is this bouncy rubber mallet.”

“Sorry, I’m busy smashing spark plugs. Get your own.”


Yes. I would have liked to see what would happen if he had just hit the window with the claw side of that hammer…

But if the point of the video is the physics of pressure, then the spark plug is a nice illustration.


They demonstrated that in a subtle way. The high-five left hanging was only visible in the reflection on the unbroken window. That’s some high quality allegory right there.

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Buy one of those little spring loaded car window breakers.


And make sure you store it outside the car.

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…or you could just use a lifehammer

I don’t own a car, but this tip will be useful.


I own a fine collection of car radios and I endorse this message.


The hammer had no claw side because it was a rubber mallet. Had they used a metal hammer I’m sure the window would have shattered pretty quickly.

P.S.: Dear Media: this is not a “hack”. It’s just an easy way to break a window.


A profession comic book artist friend got some work at a high security young offenders institute here in the UK. One day the young offenders received a visitor to give them a presentation. When it came time for visitor to take her leave, it was discovered she had locked her keys in her car. The offenders were paraded and asked if anyone knew how to get in to the locked car. One of them steps forward as a willing volunteer. What skillful method will this youngster use to effect ingress? A bent coat hanger? Half a tennis ball over the lock? Nope, the technique on display was the “half a house brick through the side window”…


Right, he should have tried to destroy the spark plug with the rubber mallet.

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You can also buy ceramic bearings that work well in slingshots. I don’t know what someone would do with this information, but some say that leaving a note of appreciation for the excellent deep house and trip-hop your neighbor blasts in the parking lot when the bar closes in a pile of broken glass is just downright neighborly.


The claw side of the hammer he was referring to was the claw hammer being used to smash the spark plug.

They used the claw hammer to smash the spark plug. Sooooooo … cut out the middle man, leave the poor spark plug alone, and just smash the window with the claw hammer. et viola.

It could save lifes yep…