National Guard soldiers forced to sleep in Senate parking garage, urinate in street, after securing Capitol

I was already surprised when I saw them sleeping on the cold hard marble of the halls before.

It was not a big deployment, why was there no time to set up field beds in tents or a hall somewhere? They must have the materials and people for that, right?

Oh, and spare me the macho arguments. Any officer worth their salt knows troops are more effective if they had a good and comfortable night’s sleep.


I’m surprised that the Corps of Engineers hadn’t built a “temporary” camp to house this people. They do it all the time overseas; this job would have a shorter logistical trail.


Logistics is supposed to be something the US army excels at. They shouldn’t be sleeping on floors anywhere unless I guess they are actually shock troops invading somewhere.

This is military command’s fault: sort your shit out. Civilians would walk. It’s a job. Treat workers right.


There are, quite literally, hundreds of federal owned buildings in the Capital area. I’m sure they could have done far fucking better than a parking garage with no bathroom facilities. In fact, I think there’s a bunch of GOP congressional offices that would benefit from having to put up with the troops who are protecting them from the coup attempting rioters they fomented. Win, win!


As my (old soldier) Dad always says, “any fool can be uncomfortable”.

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Awful, their arses must be frozen on that concrete floor. But do they not get that pissing on the soil would have avoided urine all over the footpath.

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L’Enfant didn’t plan for military barracks?

Fun fact: Most US Embassies have military barracks.


I wouldnt be surprised if this was one company with a shitty First Sergeant or XO who didnt properly plan or didnt read the OPORD. Theres always a paragraph on service and support (specifically, its paragraph 4) which would outline a logistical plan, which just about always has a sub-paragraph outlining accommodation. In a civil support role this would include instruction to pack the bloody cots.

I say one company based on the number of soldiers pictured. I also say one company because I didnt see pictures of 20,000 soldiers with nowhere to bed down.


I think this went beyond theater. This was teeth and claws. Nonetheless, you are correct, there needed to be a plan, something that we seem pretty piss poor at doing.


And everyone is burying the lead:

They added that COVID-19 has been running rampant in their ranks, and one even knew several members who had been infected, but when asked said no protocols were in place to prevent transmission of the virus.

“We are on top of each other all day, every day. We’ve given up,” one soldier said.

Another reason they should have been billeted in hotels with separate rooms and facilities.

But it sounds like maybe they actually have them?

The abrupt transfer came Thursday afternoon with no explanation, the soldiers told the Post. Due to the nature of their scheduling it’s often difficult for Guard members to return to hotels rooms for naps since many of those accommodations are in Virginia and Maryland, officials told the Post.

? If only the military had access to some kind of internal combustion engine-driven vehicles with which to transport them.


That photo is of a port a potty. I think the take away is that the one available toilet is overflowing. Not that they’re pissing on the sidewalk.


Given the circumstances there’s a good reason to have a bunch of them camped on site. Imagine if the chuds turned up during shift change. It seems pretty standard. My brother is in the Army NG/Reserves and he spent a couple weeks living in Penn Station after Hurricane Sandy.

That doesn’t explain the lack of all the STUFF Army uses to do that though. Where are the tents and cots? Every military base I’ve ever been to has a straight up warehouse full of port a potties specifically for this, as does FEMA. And every enlisted infantry soldier I’ve ever met spent more time digging toilets than anything else. These people have god damn space heaters and portable kitchens they drop out of planes!

Why are the capital police making the call on when and where they’re set up?

These troops arrived a week before the inauguration, and they’re going to have to stick around for a bit why wasn’t a proper camp set up in that time? If not in the Capital than on the grounds or nearby?


If they aren’t needed, send them home. Who is in charge here? Come on, man.


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