Native American tribes need better internet access. This one weird spectrum might do the trick

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Native American tribes need better internet access.

Facebook. Twitter. Etc. NA tribes should run away screaming.


I know you are joking, but.

Seriously, in extremely rural areas, Internet access can be a literal lifesaver. And telemedicine and the like aside, there are a ton of rural, Native communities quite distant and different from each other facing very similar issues (and often the same corporate enemies), who benefit from knowing that the same BS is going on over here, and this is how they dealt with it.

Hell, being able to share that you are snowed in (or mudded in) and low on food or prescription medicine can be a life-saver.

And, frankly, Netflix and ebooks can be a mental health saver.
And everyone benefits from more diverse voices online, maybe even on Twitter.


Phhhhewwwww! That was close! :wink:


Hell yes. I subscribe to an ISP that uses the EBS frequencies, Redzone Wireless. I like that they are cheaper than their cable-based competition, and the connection is just as good as far as I can tell. Also it’s nice to be supporting a local company that is actively working to expand internet access.


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