Naughty BMX rider schooled by skate park security guard


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See? This is how security guards and cops get respect!




More confirmation that I need to visit Estonia. The place seems great.

Anyway, this video is obligatory:


But the way he tosses the bike on the ground, is that a good thing?


It’s his version of the mic drop.:hand_splayed::microphone:


That just drives the point home perfectly.



No one drops my bike!
No bike-drop for me!


I thought he was gonna clothesline the kid. Then I saw the video’s not from the US.


If anything on a BMX bike broke from that drop, there’s something deeply wrong with the bike.
Those things are built like tanks.


I like to believe the BMX bicycle evolved something like this:

  1. Start with normal bike.
  2. Huck that shit 'til something breaks.
  3. Identify extent and cause of damage.
  4. Rebuild, re-weld, and/or reinforce.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 until the only thing breaking is the rider.


and can be used for similar tricks


Exactly. Send the message “I understand and am invested in this thing, and therefore am invested in it being safe and fair for everyone” Whether that thing be skate park activities or “life.”

On the other hand, if BMX riders aren’t “naughty” that kinda takes the “X” out, and then they are just BM riders :frowning:


Oooh Ick. Not watching those youtube videos.


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