NBC: Google winds down diversity initatives to appease conservatives

Only gh tables, unfortunately. But I did just discover that Amazon has full-insertion porn thumbnails. That was surprising.

Just for some context, some training resources are publicly available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLjFTHTgEVU


legal fees aren’t the only reason to have diversity programs. when corporate culture is overwhelmingly slanted towards white men, then the products they create will miss the needs of a diverse customer base.

you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t hire women and people of color, especially at the top levels.

there’s also tons of research on how diversity in the work place leads to productively gains. ( and having worked briefly in a company that devolved into something like a college frat after downsizing, i completely believe it )


Yeah and I understand that. And certain companies are catching on. But if you think the old, white, conservative men of the investment class who primarily dictate these things are thinking that way you haven’t been paying attention.

And if a company is already diverse, and the overwhelming societal tendency wasn’t in the opposite direction. You wouldn’t need active measures to create diversity.

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How long before training to counter that evil PC discrimination against White Christian Men is mandatory?

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it’s the second part of that first sentence which is why we will need things like diversity programs, cultural sensitivity trainings, anti oppression, and affirmative action for many years to come.

best if it starts young ( who needs to learn about the dead presidents each and every year of primary school ) but definitely also in the halls of power

if society at large is structurally and individually racist, there has to be a counter weight or even the best, most diverse workplaces soon decay


James Damore must be kicking himself for not just keeping his head down for another couple of years.

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I wonder… he just dropped his suit. I wonder if this isn’t part of a settlement.

Did he just win?


That’s what I have to question. Of course, I also have to question how the wrongful termination case stood.

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Really frightening to think about what the collective thought of this generation growing up now will be.

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