Nearly two centuries of yearly evolution of women's high fashion

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I like - big - bustles, and I can not lie!

On a more serious note, it’s fun to pair this up with google ngrams. For example the words ‘bustle’ and ‘butt’ have an interesting anticorrelation from about 1820-1950, with fluctuations favoring ‘butt’ as you get a few years into the bustly periods of the 1860s and 1880s.

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1883-1887: The Sir Mix-A-Lot Years


It’s always funny to me how the early Regency fashions were basically the underwear of the mid-1800’s. Imagine having photos of your grandmother that were all barely-dressed by the current day’s standards.


Looking at the individual years then scanning up and down fast gives an interesting effect

Wonderful timeline. I do want to see some of men’s fashion too. All the leggings and waistcoats, the driving coats and lace. And cravats, don’t forget the cravats.

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First, or Second Period?

some of those engravings seem to be from the “Vogue Vintage” line of retro sewing patterns. That’s closer to how we chose to remember the past than anything else.

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