Nebraska bar rewards patrons who don't drive home drunk


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Of course, now it has become an arms race between cirrhosis and heart disease, but at least only the offending parties will be affected. Bring on the burgers and fries, I’ve got a hangover to get rid of!


I was hoping it was a drink coupon.


AMAZINGLY good, inexpensive advertising that happens to also benefit the community. Well done!


More carrot, less stick, I’m all for it.


Yup. When you try to control behavior with the stick, people find ways around it or simply break it. When you offer them a carrot, some will game the system, but for the most part it’s vastly more successful because they police themselves. I’m glad barkeeps are smart enough to grok this. Now if only we could get governments to learn it too.


sweet, now i know where i’m driving 33 hours to and parking tonight! er, tomorrow night…?


I left my car at a TGI Friday’s car park after drinking and getting a taxi home.

My car also had a bit of paper attached the next morning. A fixed penalty notice. Wankers.


Long ago when I was considering buying a bar/burgerjoint (This is years ago), I had a plan:
“Ask our staff to call you a taxi, when your taxi arrives, we will give you a voucher for x% off your next order with us” (with unique serial number. If person fobs off taxi, then serial number and voucher get voided)


Sometimes when I’m in a healthy mood for breakfast I use a celery stick AND a carrot.


What… is that? Forgive my ignorance.


Bloody Mary? (the drink, not the Catholic :grin:)


A Bloody Mary, one of the two socially acceptable ways to get hammered during breakfast (the other being a Mimosa).


Mimosa for me please. I seem to be the only person I know who doesn’t like Bloody Marys. Hot sauce does not belong in beverages IMNSHO.


But with carrot juice? Or am I just not seeing the color properly? Is it still a proper one, but with carrot flavored vodka?



I’ve seen them mix up from dark to light. I think it just depends how much tomato juice is used. I’ve heard of people putting V8 in them as well, which I suspect lends a lighter hue. Personally, miss me with that shit and hand me the citrus juice and cheap bubbles, or a half ounce of hard liquor for my coffee.


Well, we don’t technically know each other, but seconded, heartily. Gimme boozy OJ!!




This is a brilliant idea, kudos to that bar!

Three; you forgot about Bellinis.

Same; the only way I like champagne is if it’s cut with peach juice or orange juice.


Nectarines or a fresh fruit blend work well too. Tangelos and rangpurs also work depending on how dry the bubbles are.