Dumb Donald beer hit Chicago streets this week


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Pour me half a finger.


His brain still functions, at a minimal level with a vocabulary of a second grade student.

In all fairness my Wife, whom I love beyond all that is unholy, said the same thing about me.

BTW: she was beating me with a broomstick whist I was typing, points for me.


I hope you’re happy, now.


Nice ‘perspective’!


And conveniently, many of them are in areas I frequent.

I’ll report back when I know more.


I’ll just leave this here –


I do not get the IPA or Double IPA and so on thing at all. That shit is bitter as hell. ick.

Give me a nice glass of Jameson or a Templeton rye any day of the week. I’ll be nice and comfortable at the bar while you’re up to piss seventeen times.


IPA with lime in it sounds just awful.


Yup. Don’t get this 'murcan thing of adding stuff. Make it beer flavoured.


Key limes taste quite different than the regular limes you get in drinks or ices or whatever. Still doesn’t strike me as a great addition to a beer you’re not drinking with Mexican food on a hot day though.

@nickpheas: Adding stuff to beer is hardly a specifically American thing. Belgian fruit lambics date back at least 500 years, micheladas are decidedly Mexican, and various shandys are found all over the world.


When I moved to England I was surprised to see that shandy was considered a macho drink. Where I come from the only beer cocktail that wouldn’t get you laughed at was a boilermaker.


Courses for horses, but personally IPAs are the only beers that actually seem to have flavor to me – hearing people claim that they were “bitter” reminds me of the 1980s when Tex-Mex food hit the Midwest and people complained “I don’t understand why people like it – you can’t taste the food under all that spice”. Fortunately people’s palates adjusted and now Tex-Mex is considered tame even by most Midwestern standards.

That being said, lime-flavored IPAs? Why?


Not even the second.


If I lived in a place where I could get it the timing would be perfect. I drink maltier brews in the winter and move to hoppier ones when the weather gets warm–and it’s VERY warm where I am now. But why the insult? What has Dumb Donald done to anyone?


Don’t forget, they’re still brewing this and I think there are plans to bottle this: http://boingboing.net/2015/07/02/chicago-brewery-renames-their.html


What on earth are they consuming where you live that would make shandy “macho” in comparison? That label applied to that style of beer just isn’t computing.


Since when?


As a human descended from apes, I object to the picture on the label. Scientifically wrong and insulting. Donald is on one of those related evolutionary branches. Homo unsapiens or something. Close enough to interbreed, but distinguished by different fur, coloration, and diminished verbal capacity. That might sound like homo erectus, but don’t be confused.


Homo digitabrevis vulgaris?