Chicago brewery renames their Donald Trump beer 'Chinga tu Pelo' ('Fuck your hair')

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And a handful of Mississippians and Elvis fans are going to scratch their heads in confusion when they first encounter the hashtag. :smile:


Six eyes is just about right.

Padre doesnt cut it, we dont feel insulted. Chingatumadre is the correct way to insult cause we all love our mothers but not always our father, ok?

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Why insult the spider?

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Somebody go down to a Chicago bar and drink one of those for me.


How’d that name get past the beer-name cop? Doesn’t it imply cosmetic/haircare use?

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Band name are getting really interesting these days.

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Una cerveza por favor!

Que? Se llama “chinga tu pelo”, no es “chinga tu padre”. Y el pelo de Trump ya es muy famoso, entonces… Fuck his hair.

ETA: También, Trump ama su pelo mas que ama el madre.

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