Two trucks spill beer and chips all over highway in The Most Florida Accident Ever


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It’s like Wonkaland, but the only orange people welcome are Drumpf.


On the plus side, it was only Busch and Doritos, so nothing of value was lost.


I can see Florida Man sorting through the wreckage… not too much glass in this bag of chips… that half crushed beer can surely contains some unsullied malted beverage? this one just needs some asphalt scraped off the top and it’s as good as new! oh wait, those look like super hot cheetos scattered in an arc (mmm nom) (nom) (nom crunch) uh oh, fink ah broke anuver toof


The “alcoholic” in me cried like a baby.


why oh why can’t this sort of thing ever happen in front of MY house??


Just here for the Florida jokes.


Oh the humanity


I95 closed for hours to clean up “dozens” of beer cans and pounds of crushed chips. WTF, I do this in my living room every Sunday night without even having to turn off the TV.


I was going to say, I’ve been places where that sounds like the aftermath of a fairly typical party.



Came here to see this. Left satisfied.


hey, man, that’s the breakfast of champions right there.


. . . chips happen !!?



Florida: the penis of America!


5 second rule.

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