Florida Man pisses on living room floor during family Thanksgiving dinner




There have been many Thanksgivings when I couldn’t exhale near open flames, but I’ve never felt compelled to urinate anywhere but in the bathroom or, on one memorable occasion, behind a tree outside.

There were factors at play other than alcohol, is all I’m saying.


Florida Man strikes again…
Worst superhero ever.


I guess we could call this Tanked-giving.


Ah, something else for my bucket list…


Forget the list, just the bucket would have been helpful here.


This is just the traditional Floridian way of expressing your compliments to the chef.


Thanks to Xeni Jardin’s tireless efforts, boingboing has become a number one news source.


That rug really tied the room together.


I cannot believe that among all the awkward, stressful family gatherings this was the single such incident in all of America over the weekend. Is Florida the only place that finds this newsworthy?


I actually CAN believe that this was the only incident of someone pissing on the living room floor during Thanksgiving dinner over the weekend.

And I say that as a Floridian.


All of the other similar incidents ended in gunplay, which is no longer interesting enough to be newsworthy. 'Murrica!


There was probably this brief moment the family felt relieved when he said, “I have to go.”

But then he unzipped his pants…


Quick, he’s peeing! Call the police, they’ll fix it!


a couple of years ago, for the fourth of july, my son ran naked into the living room and, in lieu of fireworks, peed on the floor in front of the visiting family.

Granted, he was two at the time.


seems kinda mean to put the guy on blast like that. that’s going to be on the internet forever.


The Floridaman is not the issue here, Dude. I’m talking about drawing a line in the sand, Dude. Across this line, you DO NOT… Also, Dude, Floridaman is not the preferred nomenclature. Floridian-American, please.


HEY - there’s “drawing a line in the sand”, and there’s “writing your name in the snow”.


Who pissed on your chips?


I pissed on the whole circuit, it’s how I test for electrical continuity. If any pins don’t check out it goes to the circuit court of appeals.