Nebraska State Senator proposes constitutional amendment to allow corporations to create tiny, sovereign nations with no laws, taxes or rules


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In California, an underground network of anti-vax doctors will write your kid a medical exemption letter to get them out of their vaccinations

Just what we need. Dozens of baby Waco compounds.


Shades of Shiawase Corporation v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (link) here.


Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong - now in Nebraska!


Federal laws and regulations would still apply.


For when you really want to bring back slavery so bad, you propose a lawless corporate state.


Come, let us go to the murder lands where I can, for a small fee, dispose of you legally and consequence-free!


Come, let us go to the murder lands where I can, for a small fee, dispose of you legally and consequence-free!

“This musical practically writes itself!”


A homeland for all the Freemen on the Land and libertarian-fascists.

  • No need to pay taxes. (And no benefits of same.)
  • No need for vehicle or driver’s licenses. (Roads not included.)
  • Law and order? Go for it!

Build a wall around it and send in camera drones.


"nobody else has done it."

Uh, TGOP & tRump are going at that night & day. What rock has he been hiding under?


Are we sure Netflix isn’t behind this bill?


Sorry for being a party pooper but, again, neither Nebraska nor any other state can make federal laws inapplicable on any part of their territory or population. The rights recognized in the US Constitution, including the Bill of Rights and other amendments, would still be afforded to the people living there.


Maybe the City of London can move there after Brexit.


Beat me to it!


What we’re seeing is the Trump/GOP-In-Power Effect.


Then someone should ‘talk’ to the Texas GOP re voter suppression. I guess they never got the message. (To be filed under “Legislated Erosion of Rights and Freedoms That We thought We Had”)


So, the idea is to make Nebraska into the Honduras of the North?


What when I, lets say theoreticaly, build up a small gang of armed people, go into those ‘micronation’ and plunder the hell out of it. Should be ‘not illegal’!?

Just asking for a friend…

But somehow I have the feeling the Nebraska officials would still have their head in the warmth cosy comforts of some CEOs rectum and. Send police and prosecutors.


Similar things have been tried before, with some interesting results:

According to the 2011 FBI uniform crime reports, with a population of 222, Industry had 1,136 known property crimes, giving it the highest average per resident property crime rate (5.117) in California. The average property crime rate for the entire US that year was 0.029. The same report indicates 44 violent crimes, giving it the second highest per resident violent crime rate (0.198) in California.

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It’s these kinds of proposals that made me question my support for the concept of property rights since their advocates never examine the end result of propertarianism. Basically, the only people who benefit from property are those who can exclude others from it and anything tangential to it (even other people’s personal possessions). It’s why I think any kind of special economic zone is a bad idea. Property should never come before humanity.