Need a cheap diffuser for your camera flash? Try a white balloon


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I’ve had good luck with a piece of styrofoam cup. More convenient to move around with than a balloon.


I usually just use a piece of paper. They are probably less effective than the balloon, but I am much more likely to find a piece of paper than I am to have an inflated white balloon on hand. thinking of it, I could usually find my actual diffuser easier than a white balloon. But, it is still a good tip to keep in mind.


ya, what @Space_Monkey and @Max_Blancke said.

I usually use an unfolded paper napkin and then maybe double it over if necessary. If I’m somewhere without one available, I carry lens paper with my camera so i just use that in the same way.


I diffuse like a motherfucker.


I use a piece of bristol board that I painted with metalic gold watercolor. Been working well for six years so far.


These are the balloons that are normally $600, but available for a limited time at 95% off?


Ciggie packet or a Rizla was my go-to back in the day. :smiley:


Every STEM student should make a flash diffuser!


Do different color balloons have a good effect?


I use a white plastic film container split down the side in those rare times I use a flash.


Would a condom work? Maybe then I could finally use them.


I made a diffuser from a 4 litre milk container. Worked well. A bit of cutting and then taped to my flash head. Many arrangements are possible with just a milk container and tape.


hey man, I lol’d. how’s everything?


Bubblewrap can be useful, too.

But bouncing it with the black foamie thing is better


White plastic bag and a rubber band. Will lose more air than a balloon, but is hands free and can be shaped.

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