Neil Gaiman reads "Green Eggs and Ham"


Would you eat them with this man?
No I would not with this man.
He lives behind the garbage can.

As someone with family members who genuinely hate getting gifts I also recommend Heifer International. You can donate a llama on behalf of your mama!

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What a horrifying book. Eggs that are green probably have something wrong with them. Ham that is green almost certainly has something wrong with it. Dr. Seuss was trying to short-circuit your instinct to avoid rotten food. Wake up sheeple!

I hope Sam.I.Am does another duet with Ke$ha. I loved ‘Crazy Kids.’

I love this man.

And somewhat related, one of the greatest meals I had as a child was green scrambled eggs (apparently done with blended cilantro) and a slice of ham. The sheer delight that the dish actually existed… I have no idea whether or not it actually was tasty.

Thank you!!!

I can finally think of that book again without Ted Cruz’s chinless weasel face being the first thing to pop in to my mind!

This is still my favorite reading.


Unfortunately Sam-I-Am has never learned that “no means no”. He has no respect for boundaries and became increasingly abusive when faced with rejection.


Oh God…

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