Nemo and Friends SeaRider Opens at Tokyo DisneySea

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Thank the powers that be that these things are well isolated out in Chiba.

Unfortunately I’ll still have to deal with a probable increase of Disney fans clogging up the shinkansen lines outbound from Tokyo when they finish their trip to this Lovecraftian exhibit.

I get so sick of the “boo, IP sucks!” whining from park fans. Folks, it’s all IP. If it’s done well, and it’s a fun ride that’s well-themed, then I have zero issue with the use of Disney characters in a Disney theme mark. This looks like a smart overlay and I hope to see it someday.

What surprised everyone on opening day is that there are at least two, and likely more, different films and ride sequences…

I wonder why this surprised everyone? It is what Disney did with Star Tours… I would expect they would do this with any future ride like this to increase re-ridership(??)

…in a park where two- and three-hour lines are the norm.

If a short-duration event for which I would willing wait in a two- to three-hour line even exists in this universe, I suspect it is illegal in most states.

Now that my kids are into adolescence, I’ll probably never visit a “regular” Disney park again. Next time I’m in the Tokyo area though, I’m definitely going back to Undersea Disney. That place is fricken awesome.

I read “Nemo and friends” and immediately assumed it referred to the captain and crew of the Nautilus. I now realize how out of touch I am with the kids these days.

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