15 things I love about Tokyo DisneySea

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Epcot’s Japan pavilion has the Kirin with the slushee topping too.

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“10. People eat all sorts of weird shit. This is a Halloween-themed Cruella deVille giant gyoza dog. Ten points if you know what that means.”

…Hopefully not dalmatian.


My kids (and I) love TDS. It is by far our favorite park, and we have been to many of them worldwide. I have one question, though. How does the idol appear in the Tower preride?

They had me at the significantly better 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea but since I live with Dalmatians I really really really want a Halloween-themed Cruella deVille giant gyoza dog.

I’d probably split it between my four-legged kids just for the fun of it.



wow, that looks very cool!

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DisneySea is the truly the best theme park in the world! The parades are spectacular: they’re amazing water shows with giant boats and jet skis and animatronics! And The Journey to the Centre of the Earth ride (which travels through the fire belching volcano) is super!

The Tower of Terror building is fantastic looking.

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It’s all relative. I grew up in Anaheim, am a huge Disney fan and have probably been to the original Disneyland 150 times.

I agree 100% that Disney Sea is an extremely beautiful park. But, … it’s also the second most boring park I’ve been to. There’s only 3-4 attractions that are any good. The Indiana Jones Temple of Doom (pretty much the same as the Anaheim one). The StormRiders (which is basically Star Tours except on earth in a hurricane). And now Tower of Terror. The only other one that I personally found interesting is the Magic Lamp Theater where they some how magically make a video Genie interact with a real human Aladdin passing physical objects in and out of the screen.

That’s it. 4 attractions. They list 2 or 3 trains. Japan is covered in trains. Not sure why someone would wait 90 minutes to ride a train for 2 minutes. They have a couple of small boats. You’re in Tokyo Bay, there are far more interesting cruises outside the park. They have their World of Aladdin which is an It’s a Small World clone but 100% Aladdin themed. Lots of people find It’s a Small World dated but it least it has the kitsch and hopefulness of the early 1960s. Filling with Aladdin stuff does not make it better. There’s the Indy themed crap rollercoaster. Plenty of people have complained about this since it’s just a standard portable rollercoaster from some traveling carnival except dressed up. Not even remotely on par with Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain, The Matterhorn, and other truly Disney designed rides.

The Journey to the Center of the Earth ride had so much potential. It’s beautifully built but the entire ride lasts like 45 seconds and never goes more than about 15mph. You might compared it to Splash Mountain in that it’s a thrill ride through colorful caves but Splash Mountain has lots of caves and songs and stuff before the payoff where as this ride has like one tiny cave, then you go up, see the first boss from Zelda Ocarina of Time (that’s cool) and then it’s up and out and done.

The 20000 Leagues Under the Sea ride is also a joke. They basically took the Peter Pan ride, enclosed the cars and put in double pane portholes with water between the panes. Maybe a kid would be deceived but it’s definitely not for adults. People find the Submarine Ride at Disneyland dated but at least you are actually in submarines actually underwater.

Anyway, maybe if you’d never been to other disney parks you wouldn’t have been as disappointed as I was. I’ve been 3 times to Disney Sea (I won’t say no to hanging out with friends and I certainly don’t mention this stuff with them). But, it’s a very pretty but very boring park.

And let me make it clear. I say all of this because I love Disney. I expect better of them though. They knocked it out of the park on looks but they failed IMO in terms of attractions (rides)

I worked at Walt Disney Imagineering and had the pleasure of working on both Tokyo Disney Sea (TDS) and Disney California Adventures (DCA). It was one of the many highlights of my career. One of the things that was clear while working on these two parks simultaneously was that there was a vast difference in the level of detail and resources going into them. In basic terms it appeared that everything being done for DCA was being done as cheaply as possible. While everything that was being designed and built for TDS seemed to be as good and sometimes far better than anything that’s been done for the American Disney parks.

So did Dodger Stadium for awhile at least.

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