Disney announces $2.5B upgrade to Paris's Walt Disney Studios, the worst Disney park in the world

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Just build a Wakanda and i will consider it the best park in the world


(Bad French accent) “Helloooooo…Anyone there? My children, they need wine!’


Are they going to 3d-print a Haunted Mansion? Will there be things with Arduinos? Will Goofy have a ukulele?

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Not being an aficionado, I didn’t realise the kids and I weren’t supposed to thoroughly enjoy ourselves there. I’ll know better next time. Thanks.


This was an extremely dumb decision. Who puts the “Happiest Place in the World” in the Rudest Place in the World?

For that authentic Parisian experience?

Some people are already betting on how fast Disney’s Animal Kingdom will re-theme “Pandora: the World of Avatar” if James Cameron’s sequels don’t pan out as well as hoped. I certainly wouldn’t object if they nixed the six-legged horse aliens for a battle-rhino or two.

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They should base the redesign on Tokyo Disney Sea, IMHO the best Disney park in the world.

My kids enjoyed it when they were little.

The food prices though were beyond eye-watering. It was just fg stupid. The food in the park was atrocious as well. So the kilometre walk to somewhere decent was required.

Disney - don’t be a$$hole$.

One thing to consider is that many attractions take on a life of their own, independent of the success or failure of the original source material. The Matterhorn Bobsleds (inspired by the movie “Third Man in the Mountain”) Mr Toad’s Wild Ride (based on a forgettable animated short that few kids have seen) and Splash Mountain (based on “Song of the South,” which, again, few young people have seen) are some of the most popular, iconic attractions in Disneyland. I haven’t been on the Avatar “Flight of Passage” ride, but several people with no particular interest in the franchise have told me that it was hands down their favorite ride, period. Time will tell if it has staying power, but don’t write off Pandora just yet.

Also, I’m not sure if the contract with Universal on Marvel properties would allow a Wakanda land in WDW, as cool as that would be.

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Maybe Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride is directly based on the animation, but clearly it is ultimately based on The Wind in The Willows, a very famous book.

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That’s true, although I’m not sure how many of the young riders would be familiar with it. I’d guess that many more kids today have ridden that ride than read the book, so the ride’s popularity probably still isn’t tied very closely to either source material. Plus the ride designers sure took their liberties with the story. Instead of the book’s “happily ever after” ending, you get killed in a head-on collision with a train and wind up in hell. Who knew that classic Disney rides could be so dark?

Side note- Amazingly, the animation never once shows Toad actually driving a car. (A horse drawn wagon, locomotive engine and airplane, yes, but the car ride is left to your imagination.)

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Tough choice to throw good money after bad. This park should never have been built here but politics and money prevailed. Spain was a much better choice, the weather outside of Paris is just to seasonal to make Disney a year round vacation destination for adults wanting to escape winter weather.

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