All Aboard The Railroad at Tokyo Disneyland!

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Richard, another great article on Tokyo Disneyland. I think the most interesting attraction ever at Tokyo Disneyland has to have been the Cinderella’s Castle Mystery Tour in the basement of the castle. I went about 12 years ago, and it was all in Japanese so a bit hard to follow… well done and cheesy at the same time. Here’s a good article on it:

Thanks. I went through the Cinderella Castle Mystery Tour many times. It was one of my favorites. I have a full video and both posters, so perhaps I’ll do an article on it here.

I might have missed it, but what was the clever workaround to Japan’s burdensome railroad regulations? Having a single station? The gaps in the flora? The tranquility?


That would be great. Also another crazy place I remember in Tokyo that has stuck with me is the Joypolis arcade. Would be another great article (and a good visit if you haven’t been).

The workaround was to have a single station where you both enter and exit.

So fun. I wonder if there are other virtual park rides — esp. for people who can’t really afford to travel to the physical park.

Oh my. Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea might be my favorite theme parks I’ve ever been to. Thanks for reminding me why :slight_smile:

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