Walt Disney World 2015: a keen-eyed design themepunk critique

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I just visited Disney world this year for the first time since the late 80s. I had a major issue with one thing: they put a restaurant in the castle, and you can’t walk through it. I mean, they build a castle and I think the main thing you want to do is go in and check it out. But you can’t. (Without paying for food…and although I didn’t even try I’m sure you need an impossible to get reservation)

There’s been a restaurant at the top of the Castle since 1971.


Foxxfurr’s articles are utterly brilliant, and she brings a depth of perspective, knowledge, and a love of Disney that sets her criticism apart.

She’s right, the new Pirates is fantastic, but the boats constantly get stuck and flood, to the point where it’s hard to recommend it to friends.

It’s my fervent hope that her 2016 wrap-up can include some love for my favorite park, Epcot, which has been weirdly overlooked by Disney for far too long. C’mon, Disney, please make Imagination a good ride again. Please make CommuniCore cool again. Please make Energy more relevant.

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Punk and Disney in the same sentence.


Wait. Now I’m confused. Could you never walk through it? Maybe I’m confusing it with Disneyland. There, the castle is a sort of gateway to fantasyland. When I tried to do that there I bumped up against the person seating people for the restaurant.

You can absolutely walk through the castle to Fantasyland; the corridor has murals and a shop, plus the entrance to go upstairs to the restaurant. I was there a few months ago; the only time you can’t walk through is when a show is happening in the forecourt. But they’ve also been doing lots of construction on the castle ramps so the tunnel may have been closed when you were there.

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