Nemo waterproof drill lets you work underwater in secret


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Almost perfect for doing tactical renovations on the bunker where I’m living The Warrior Lifestyle™; but I don’t see enough rails to mount all my tactical drilling accessories.


I foresee orthopedic surgeons buying 2 at a time. One for home, one for work.


Comes with a free addition to several government watch lists with purchase!


Perfect for all your Trepanning needs.



I’ll wait until it’s 98% off in the Boing Boing store.


Stupid tacticool bullshit.

A drill for rich mall ninjas.


Underwater drill, tactical may vary:


Better get a light to go with it:


That’s what I was thinking – any cordless drill can be an underwater drill in fresh water.


How do lithium ion cells like being soaked with water?


As long as the seal is fine, I don’t think that there would be a problem. If there is a leak, you might be getting some bubbling acid generation.


That one uses a lot of oxygen to operate. It eats on the time you can spend under [Paul Allen’s mega-yacht](* from both ends.

*completely random example


@beschizza It isn’t “Brandless” as the title claims. It’s a Nemo.


Cool. They have the 5M version for $695, the 50M version for $850 and the 100M, price not listed.

Decisions, decisions.

Oh, a video:

I am going to call BS on the lug nuts. Those have been pre-loosened.


I have to agree. I don’t doubt it’s possible, but you’d have seen the opposite-and-equal reaction in the user’s wrist (and the camera would have jerked slightly).


Not so much. The 100M version may be overkill compared to the 50M version, but unlike the “you can do it a few times and get away with it” DeWalt demo, the Nemo is a purpose built tool for people who work in and around water for a living, and not only is it sealed, unlike the DeWalt, it is also corrosion resistant. I’d love to see Mr. Kitchen Sink Demo try using his DeWalt for an hour in even 5M of sea water… Also, after that snarky demo, the warranty for his DeWalt is now void, whereas the warranty for the Nemo for its intended use, both above and under water, is still valid.

Sometimes you really do need the right tool for the job, and sometimes that tool is a niche tool, which can be expensive but still totally worth it.


Tacticool exists as a function of people wanting to need esoteric equipment- equipment that has specifications that are well outside the actual requirements of the users. My labeling drill as “stupid tacticool bullshit” doesn’t negate it’s potential use by actual tactical operators (or deep-water technicians, or whatever).
Sure, there are people (I assume) that require a drill that will function “indefinitely” in 100M of salt water- but there aren’t very many of them. And the bulk of people that will buy this drill are buying it because of a fantasy that they need such performance.
It’s like a dive watch: how many people actually need the functional specifications of a 200M watch? Or, even, a 100M watch? It becomes an exercise in specification fetishism.
So, fine: this drill (might) perform at the stated specs. And for some teeny tiny group of people, that’s actually relevant. But I’ll wager that something north of 90% of the buyers of this never get it wet at all.


So, then, whether you are right it depends entirely on who actually buys this and whether they actually need its features and durability, which neither of us have any evidence of at this time.

Meanwhile, would you concede that the regular 50M version (which is not all black) is an actual tool?


The 50M drill is, however priced, an actual tool.

But the 100M? They call it special ops, which pretty much sums it up for me.