Is Amazon's water-resisting plastic bag for your phone better than a plain ol' Ziploc?

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Amazon offers this heavy plastic bag with a locking seal to let you use your phone in the water. Ziploc has long been my favorite beach case for my phone and kindle, wonder how they compare?

This less than $3.00 plastic bag does a great job of keeping the sand and sea water off (or out) of my iPhone 7+. You can easily use the touch screen through the clear rubber surface, and take photos through the material.

Alternatively, there is another better-known brand of plastic, well sealing bag that has served me well for years: the Ziploc Freezer Bag! I use them for sous vide, kids lunches, throwing crap in the freezer, and reading my kindle in a hot tub.

Comparatively, the AmazonBasics is purpose built and will take more impact and abrasion than a Ziploc. The Amazon also has a handy lanyard, the only way I know of affixing the Ziploc to me is duct tape (duct people, duct.) I think the Ziploc freezer bag more reliably activates the button-less haptic button on my iPhone 7+, however.

The price seems to float around on the Amazon bag. For $3 it is worth having around if you are going to spend a lot of time at the pool or beach.

AmazonBasics Universal Waterproof Smartphone Pouch

Ziploc Freezer Bag, Gallon, 28 Count via Amazon

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I find that an important part of the wonder of sous vide is what a vacuum sealed marinade does for the product. Open air marination can never produce the same result.


I do not bother vaccuum sealing my sous vide but I do use a vaccum marinator!

It is wonderful. I’ll write it up.

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You’ve got an $800 portable fridge but are wondering if you should spend $3 bucks on a plastic bag for your phone?


No, I did spend $3 on a plastic bag for my phone.


Samsung Galaxy S8+, no bag.

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Why is it important to use your phone in the water?


I have yet to find a ziploc bag that is reliably leakproof. I’m not saying the Amazon phone bag doesn’t leak either (though I have successfully used something very similar), but I wouldn’t trust my phone to a ziploc.


I’m wondering that as well. Only thing I can think of is you are going whitewater rafting and need your phone protected for selfies.

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Once I fell off the boat into a tidal river, managed to climb aboard and then became aware of a region of uncomfortable heat. By the time I had extracted the phone and removed the battery it had fried the electronics.
It was in a plastic bag but the descent into the water had caused my keys to be rubbed into the plastic bag by the gunwale, rendering it useless.
Having thought about the way the universe works, I bought an expensive phone bag with much thicker material and, sure enough, I never fell into the water and wrecked a BlackBerry again. This is the way that the Three Sisters work; the disaster you’ve prepared for is the one that doesn’t happen.


For the basic user I’m imagining more poolside or beach photos where casual phone camera usage so close to the water could have that added layer of stress, and thus a cheap phone bag that’s more resistant to being dropped in abrasive sand or scraped against pool concrete.


Or if you REALLY want to go all out, spring a few hundred for a dive photography case.

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I had my phone in a Ziploc freezer bag in my pocket when my inflatable kayak sprung a leak and dumped me into the river. When I made it to shore, the bag was compromised and the phone wet. Now I use a LifeProof FRĒ. It’s horribly expensive, but my Pixel stays dry when I get soaking wet.

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So I don’t have to worry about dropping it in the water when I’m kayaking, and I can use the timer so I know when I need to have the rental kayak back, and take pictures of bald eagles.


I used a cheap waterproof case similar to the Amazon one while snorkeling, and it’s far more water-resistant than a Ziploc while being hit by waves and taken entirely underwater for long stretches of time. Worked great.

It’s neat to use the camera on my phone underwater to film tropical fish and coral.

iPhone 7+, no bag either. Surprised the author doesn’t seem to know that.

Are you aware of how waterproof the phone isn’t? Protecting it is a good idea.

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The real question: how well does the phone bag work on a steak?


I remember that being a big selling point between the Galaxy S7 (non-exploding standard type) and the iPhone 7 series, the waterproofing rating for the iPhone was one step lower than the Galaxy, or “Rain, splashing or accidental immersion at 1 m” vs “‘Indefinite’ immersion (at a manufacturer specified depth of 1.5 m).”


I’ve got a very similar bag with a standard bike mount thingy on the back. Take it off the bike mount, and it’s safe for use in a kayak, briefly underwater, in the rain, etc. I haven’t done any of those except biking when there is a little rain, though.

I have to wonder how well the touchscreen works underwater: a single raindrop can seriously frell up touch actions on my Galaxy S5.