Netflix is adapting Morgan's debut novel Altered Carbon

The trailer is short on details, but it looks like the script changes some of Kovacs’ plot points, and the set design screams discount Blade Runner. But I am excited to see Netflix getting into the post-cyberpunk genre.

Something to tide us over until they make Old Man’s War, about which I’m much more excited.

What do you folks think?

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I have not read the book… the trailer left me underwhelmed, I must say.

The book is good though?

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The book is worth a read, IMHO, if you like the genre of the likes of Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and other cyperpunk and post-cyberpunk classics. It’s good, not great, though it was his debut book. The book takes on topics from identity and freedom to capitalist excess and power, while presenting a decent detective mystery. It also has a more UK bent in its outlook, which I like but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It was more formative when it came out in 2002, and some of the tropes might feel more clichéd now since the genre kind of blew up in that decade.

I’d recommend anyone read the first few free pages on Amazon to get a feel for whether they’ll like his writing.

There is, fair warning, ample graphic violence. I’m hoping the Netflix series isn’t just going to boil it down to the action and leave out the philosophical aspects that make it worthwhile.


I think this netflix series will be better than the book. Altered Carbon is based around the idea that humans will eventually upload their consciousness onto digital formats. The show has what are known as “stacks”, or digital implants for the human’s soul (or consciousness). With these stacks, and the ability to add artificial augmentation to the physical shell, the wealthy of the Altered Carbon universe can achieve immortality. We follow Takeshi Kovacs, a former elite solider and last of his unit. Kovacs is something of a revolutionary and hit man. His military background has allowed him to manage quite well amongst the world:

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Really? That’s a rarity… I don’t know much about Morgan’s work, honestly. The show is generally up my alley for TV viewing, though, so I’ll probably get around to it eventually.


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