Netflix is bringing back Iron Chef

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Did they cancel it yet?


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And with AB!

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I liked Alton.

Then he said a bunch of things that voiced support for a bunch of people that want me and my family to die. And he said that he had lots of friends like us and personally wishes us no harm, but he was going to keep supporting them. And then he erased those things about the no harm and doubled down on the support and said he was the real victim in all this.

So I liked Alton.

But I’m done liking Alton now, and I’ll support the work of people that don’t think that wanting my family to die is valid political speech.

Lots of people can cook, be entertaining, and also not shitty. Let’s support them instead.


Oh good, a reboot of a pale copy of a wonderful thing. I’m sure it will be unbearably bland, er, um, I mean absolutely delightful.

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No Chin, no Sakai, no Ishinabe, and no Morimoto from his deathbed.

So, not Iron Chef


Tin Chef?

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