EveryDayCook – A welcome evolution from what Alton Brown did with Good Eats

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Brown seems to have been slowly extracting himself from the Food Network Beast. Fewer hosting duties on the TV. More of a web presence. More touring. Now this new book. And a recent announcement that Good Eats would return in internets form.

All good news. I’ll never understand the logic that lead those people to turn (probably) the most influential voice in culinary education since Julia Fucking Child into a game show host.


Hell all of Food TV has turned into a game show. I went from watching that channel a lot to not even being able to tell you where it is in my channel line-up.

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Well, he’s the producer, writer, and creator of Cutthroat Kitchen as well as its host, so it’s not like they forced him to abandon his dignity. If you’ve ever watched it or its accompanying web series, it’s clear how much he loves that show and being the “bad guy”.

That show is actually fascinating, because while it looks like complete chaos, he and his staff design all of the challenges and test them first, so there’s a lot of food science going on behind the scenes to make sure it’s feasible to make duck a l’orange from, say, canned chicken, mandarin oranges, and a blowtorch.


Right. But would he have created said show if Food Network hadn’t demanded more game show? Long before that show premiered Good Eats had been shunted off to a sister “Cooking Channel” even for re-runs. Brown’s only appearances on the channel at that time were other competition shows. And once Cut Throat started he curiously seemed to disappear from the rest. At the same time he began to tour more. And started showing up in online videos teaching you how to tie a bowtie, or re-running recipes from Good Eats in his backyard.

I suspect that show was largely a way to fulfill his contract while he made plans for something else.

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excellent! I’ll have to add it to my AB cook book collection!


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